Brown Sugar, Cassidy Clay

If you think regular dykes are pumping wild, you have to see these two gorgeous ebony lesbos in action. They are all over each other, especially when they’re in the mood to start pulling out the toys. They love to muff dive, and you don’t say no to Cassidy Clay and Brown Sugar when they decide they require to fuck sluts for the day. By the time these two end up done with each other, they even pulled out their double ended dildo to go to town with. I love watching their booties bouncing against each other.

Chocolate Sistas

Tiffany Stacks, Bonita Butterfly

Tiffany Stacks is one of those thick ebony women who are pounding gorgeous because of the fact that they have meat on their bones. Her tits are large, her anus is massive, and she turns on Bonita Butterfly like no one else. This panties loving black starlet is in the mood for some dyke action, and they have a whole hell of a lot of chocolate lesbo banging to get through. The best part is when they get the double ended dildo, because they really bang the hell out of that hefty rod and they love every second of it.

Chocolate Sistas

Melinda, John Janeiro

Scheduling new pregnant girls for the Pregnant Sistas website isn’t always easy. If we rush to get someone new they may only be a few months along, if we wait too long they may go beyond the point of no return and show up empty! This video with Melinda worked out perfectly! The sexy actually helped her go into labor and without it she may have needed to be induced. So this isn’t just any ordinary porn clip, this is pregnant porn with a real purpose and a new MILF who thanked us for helping her hump her way across the finish line!

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Brown Sugar, Candice Nicole

Okay, now I know this might sound strange, but Brown Sugar really does end up giving a strap on a footjob at some point in this porno. It’s not exactly something you expect to see in a ebony lesbo porno, but it certainly does add a lot of kinkiness to something that is kinky enough on its own. If you love ebony lesbos but you aren’t really into foot fetish, you’ll be okay. There is plenty of other black girl on girl banging that will make you just require to whack it right there and then. I know I was going like wild.

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Nasty Nikki, D. Wise

Holy mother of all that is on earth. Nasty Nikki is one giant ebony whale of a girl. Her fat hangs everywhere and somewhere within all that is a cunt just dying to get stuffed by a hefty black shlong. D. Wise loves to bang on the fatty ho’s and he ain’t gonna discriminate on Nikki, this enormous chocolate tramp is gonna get filled. Big dicked D. pumps her fat muff and a few folds of fat as well. He titty bangs her giant jugs and then hits the snatch again before pounding a huge load all over her tits.

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Kandee Lixx, Kristy Amore

In this excellent dark on dark carpet muncher video, big titted ebony models Kandee Lixx and Kristy Amore team up for some scintillating sex. Both of these sweeties have got outstanding natural tits, and if you are a lover of thick ebony sweeties then you will definitely be into this scene. At first the sweeties lick and finger each other, even boldly sitting on each others’ faces and grinding their pussies onto one anothers’ mouths. Then the action gets more passionate as they rub their bald beavers together, pulling out a large double ended dildo. At first one slut holds it in his mouth while she penetrates the other’s twat, then they go beaver to twat.

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Autumn Foxxe, Hydie Waters

We are greeted by Hydie and Dani, two hot ebony whores who soon start making out with each other. Before long one ebony chick is eating the other one out good, licking her fuckhole folds and sticking her tongue deep in the others pussy, only pausing to finger her nub once in a while. After eating her out good she stops and the other starts eating her out from behind, licking her fuckhole good, sticking her tongue in deep. Then the first woman flips over and the second model continues eating her out, this time from the front. She gets her legs spread open good and wide and licks that snatch like she can’t get enough.

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Samone Taylor, Gorgeouz

Check out this incredible clip featuring lesbo dark goddesses Samone Taylor and Gorgeouz! These two divas are sex personified, with each slut performing an erotic strip for the other before they get hard core on the sofa. The bodies on these babes are completely incredible and their beavers are totally shaved. These divas both look like they are barely out of school, and yet they’ve got fantastic boobs! They lick each others’ beavers and then take turns plugging each other with a hefty red dildo. It’s an extremely thick and long piece, and neither model can take the whole thing inside her tight muff. That doesn’t stop them cumming

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Tiffany Stacks, Cocoa Damone

Tiffany Stacks is quickly becoming my favorite black dyke centerfold – I see her everywhere, and by her I mean that beautiful jumbo rump of hers. I don’t know how they do it, but the ebony sistas always have the greatest asses. Cocoa Damone is certainly in the phat butt category as well, and they make sure to play with each other’s asses. Cocoa even ends up slapping some anus. They get ready to play with each other’s twats, but there is so much else to explore that they end up staying with the foreplay for quite some time.

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Mckenzie Sweet, Rhianna Ryan

Gorgeous dark tramps Rhianna Ryan and Mckenzie Playful get together on a huge couch and start to strip of their clothes and touch each other seductively. Mckenzie takes the lead and peels off all of Rhianna’s clothes and starts to lick, suck and finger bang her dripping shaved cooter. Mckenzie then takes off her underwear and bends over with her butt in the air so that Rhianna can get behind her and suck and lick her nice holes. The dirty black models then pull out some toys and get busy with them, including a big double ended dildo that they both bang at the same time, and a hot little pink fake cock that Mckenzie swiftly pumps into Rhianna’s moist fuckhole.

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